Are you tired of playing FarmVille the boring way? Would you prefer playing it the good way, the way it really should be played, with lots of cash and successful crops and plants? Then maybe you could consider those little tips in order to get better while making more FarmVille cash day after day.

1-Follow contest and daily prize on forums and blogs.

One of the most underated and little know secrets to making more FarmVille cash is to take part in daily contest and prize pool on forums.This way you can also meet other players and exchange tips,learn new methods and win some easy FarmVille cash.

2-Play more and level up.

The more and more you play this game, the higher you level goes, and with that level going up, you earn cash each time you do.If you play consistently and on a daily basis, your cash will rapidly rapid cash increase and you’ll be able to get more plants,more tools and unlock new buildings.

3-Learn from the best.

If you know somebody that is already good in this game, try learning from him. Having a mentor is probably the fastest way to get better and to make more cash.

4-Check out FarmVille Twitter’s page.

You’ll also find plenty of tips and contest if you follow their twits.It may look basic but winning 500,000$ worth of FarmVille cash can radicaly change your game!

5-Always learn and seek for more information.

The better you learn, the better you’ll get. The best weapon a FarmVille player can have is knowledge. If you know things that others don’t, then you have one big strong advantage.

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