5 Reasons Your Online Business Website Isn’t Working

If you’re selling products or services on the internet, are you making any of these 5 online business website mistakes? The internet business world is growing fast and customers who want to buy products and services online expect websites to incorporate naked url technology and design that makes the entire shopping experience easy and hassle free. Because, if it’s not, they will simply go elsewhere and never return.

Make sure you avoid these 5 online business website mistakes:

1. Your Website Takes Too Long To Load.

When a visitor lands on your online business website, you have one chance to quickly get across the benefit of your product or service. The online retail industry’s ideal load time is 3 seconds or less, but the average the load time for first-time visitors to a retail website’s home page is approximately 7 seconds. Slower load times on retail websites are generally caused by images that are too large or unnecessary complicated website page build structures.

2. There Are No Images.

Images of your products or services are a very important aspect of selling online and are often neglected. Your product images should be of the highest resolution possible, without effecting the page load time. Ideally the product will be shown with multiple views. Dynamic imaging capabilities can improve the user experience to an even higher level by increasing interactivity with features like zoom and rotate.

3. Your Products Are Not Easy To Find.

This is one of most important aspects for any online business website. All relevant content should be more than 3 clicks away from the home page. Your website should have readable and compelling text with clearly organised hypertext links so that visitors can find exactly what they are looking for quickly. Additionally, your website should incorporate a search function that searches the entire website.

4. Your Products Are ‘Below The Fold”.

All the critical content and navigation options should be in the top half of your homepage, known as being ‘above the fold’. Your homepage is the most important page for your website. It sets the initial tone for the shopping experience and should offer your best promotions and products to your visitors.

5. Your Customers Don’t Know Your Benefits.

The content of your online business website should be written and designed from your visitor’s perspective. Your products and services should clearly outline the benefits of how it can make life easier, better or safer for your customers. It is the benefits that help sell products and services, not the features. A feature is what your product does and a benefit is what it actually does for the customer.

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