5 Ways to Incorporate Rose Petals Into Your Wedding Day

Could there possibly be anything more beautiful and fragrant than a dozen stems of roses? Not only do they convey heartfelt love and romance but also a deep intimacy between two people whether it’s red roses (which symbolizes love and passion), pink roses (which symbolize appreciation) or even yellow roses (that stand for friendship).

So, when it comes to selecting the kind of flowers you would like to use for your wedding, it would make perfect sense for roses to be a preferred choice. Whether you want your bridesmaids to carry a bouquet of Bon Silene roses or you’d prefer to have the centerpieces at your reception to feature some Hansa ones, roses are a timeless selection that will fill your heart and the hearts of your guests with warmth and joy.

Yet did you know that when it comes to using roses for your wedding (or reception), there are many ways that you can incorporate rose petals too. If you’re curious to know how to make them a part of your special day, we’ve enclosed five recommendations for you below:

For the flower girl to drop along the aisle. By far, the most traditional way to use rose petals in a wedding is to place some in your flower girl’s basket so that she can drop them, one by one, as she walks down the aisle. It’s a simple and sweet way to signify that you, as the bride, are preparing to make your grand entrance.

In some of the wedding pictures. If you and your beloved plan to take some close-up shots of your hands once you have your wedding bands on them, placing some rose petals in the picture can be a subtle yet elegant touch.

As some of the d├ęcor at your reception. Whether you choose to have a circle of rose petals placed around the bride and groom’s table or you would prefer to put them into Silencil some bowls of water (along with a votive candle), they can be an easy way to make a big impression at your reception.

As a wedding favor. One of the best things about rose petals is that even once they die, you can still use them as potpourri. So, consider getting some mason jars and putting some rose petals in the color of your bridal bouquet inside of them and tie the top with a piece of rope or ribbon. Every time your guests look at it, they’ll remember your wedding day and the time that they spent with you.

For people to throw at the end of the reception. Some people have their guests throw rice while others prefer to have them blow bubbles, but another option is to have them throw rose petals. By giving each of them little boxes of white roses, you’re encouraging them to offer you well wishes for a “happy love” (which is what white roses symbolize). It’s the perfect way to send you off.


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