A Computer Technician is Required For Different Types of Computer Support

A computer technician is one who gives computer support to all computer users either individually or in their capacity as an employee of a computer service center. As there could be hardly any individual whose computer has never had any problem, there ניר נגר would be no one who has not required the help of a technician at one time or other.

A computer technician is needed to solve hardware or software problems that need immediate attention or will be needed to give computer support of a general nature that will help in the optimum performance of a computer. There are often problems of a general nature that will make the computer slow, or where programs will fail to use all its options. Users should seek the help of a technician not just to have those problems fixed but also to understand what those problems are, so that they can handle it themselves later.

One such problem of a general nature is registry repair. Registry problems often cause the computer to perform unsatisfactorily and a computer technician will be able to clean it manually. If the user has got the background and interest to do it, he can learn from the technician how to remove the unwanted files manually. If this does not appear feasible, guidance can be sought from a technician on how to do it using a registry cleaner.

A registry cleaner will do the job practically on autopilot, fixing all the problems. However, even then taking outside computer support may not be a bad idea because it may not be feasible to invest in a registry cleaner if it is a single computer. Offices, or larger networks having many computers, can invest in a registry cleaner taking guidance from a technician on choosing the right one.

A computer technician may be a field technician or bench technician. Field technician is the one who goes to provide computer support at the location of the computer owner. They are extremely helpful to computer users who should ideally take guidelines from them in maintaining the computer the right way and in managing small repairs themselves.

A bench technician is one who works from his own office or the location of the company that employs him. They are well equipped in providing online computer support to users and also in providing telephonic guidance to them for managing small repairs. As far as computer repair is concerned, major repairs will have to be done by bench technicians as such repairs may need better tools and more elaborate testing of the type that cannot be managed on site.

Operating systems and hardware capabilities are changing so fast that the computer models a technician is handling a few years after he got trained might be a far cry from the samples which have been used in his training classes. As a result a computer technician continually keeps on learning as he works so that every day he or she becomes better equipped to provide advanced customer support.

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