The city of Biloxi is situated on the southern most part Roofing contractors in Biloxi MS¬†of Mississippi state in between Biloxi and Gulf of Mexico, in Harrison County. To reach to Biloxi, from Atlanta, Georgia, covering a distance of 386 miles, it takes almost 5 hours and 49 minutes. Biloxi turns out to be very breezy and sunny owing to its location near the seacoast. It harbors a lot of hotels, casinos, great beaches and excellent museums. It is known throughout Southern United States as one of the most prominent places for travel with an exquisite lifestyle after Miami and Tampa Bay in Florida. Biloxi is indeed a heaven for people who want to enjoy the nightlife. There are numerous clubs and indeed many more liquor bars, which are filled with people, during the peak time of summer. It is sufficiently diverse to house local beach crowd, senior citizens and families as well. The legalization of gambling in the state in 1990’s put Biloxi on the map of one of the most toured city for gambling.

Biloxi has recently survived Hurricane Katrina on August 29 2005, which is one of the most severe hurricanes in American history and played havoc in the lives of the 51,000 residents. The town was ransacked and ravaged by the hurricane and people still have painful memories of the damages caused by Katrina. In spite of all that has taken place, Biloxi is still going strong and is still attracting foreign and domestic tourists to its beautiful landscape. The number of tourists visiting Biloxi has definitely reduced but is still constant with many having a good opinion about the paradise. Many of the damaged casinos are back on track and cashing in on the money just as before the hurricane.

Fishery biologists call Biloxi a fertile fisheries crescent. The city is also home to the famous Kessler air force base, which was used for the supplies of the hurricane Katrina victims. Thus, Biloxi continues to be a great fun and frolic filled city to nightlife lovers.


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