Free Leads – What Are the Hidden Costs in Free MLM Leads?

Free is a 4 letter word that my parents would allow me say at home. Free is a price that almost everyone likes. However those “free” leads your MLM company gives you may hidden wiki actually have such high hidden costs as to damage your business beyond repair. Let’s take an inside look at the hidden “costs” of those free leads.

The Real Hidden Costs

First, when a company offers you free “samples” of leads exactly what are they giving you? They probably have a list that they are recycling to every new distributor that has signed up in the past 2 years. When you have exhausted these “free” leads, you can go back to the company and they may offer you “super” (better quality) leads for $1 – $5 each, or those “premium”, double opt-in “business opportunity” leads for upwards of $20 – $30 each. Now you feel like you are hooked on a narcotic drug, and you need to keep coming back for more.

Second, and the most important, your company expects that you have placed no value on your time. You are expected to be faithful to the company in contacting these all these people, at any cost. Actually your time is the most important resource you have in your business!

After you have wasted 20-30 hours dialing the first 500 leads gave you, only to find out not one of them had an interest in your product or service, you will never be able to recoup that time. After the 2nd 500, you begin to wonder about the business decision you made, and the future relation between your and your company. By the 3rd 500 you’re probably so disgusted on people hanging up on you, it’s time to throw in the towel and quit.

Does that idea that 96% of the people that venture into network marketing quite after 90 days now make sense to you? Does it sound like you have been set up for failure? Is that the future you want?

Is there is an alternative?

Yes. but it’s going to take a little time and a little money to develop.

Professional Network Marketers have started using an area on the internet called “Web 2.0”. The term is closely associated with Tim O’Reily because of a conference brainstorming session between O’Reilly and MediaLive International in 2004. Today we know this area as the social networking section of the internet, rich with blogs, wikis, video sharing applications like YouTube and Squidoo, and social networking sites like Face Book and Twitter.

First you need to create a web page (sometimes referred to as a landing page or a squeeze page) where you can “advertise” your product and service, and those people interested can leave their name, phone number and email address

Second you need to understand these sites, how to “communicate” with people on these sites, and then have these people navigate to your web page. This is called “driving traffic” to your web page.

While its sounds complicated, almost intimidating, these skills are easily learned, even for the average person. There are many resources that will help you master these skills, and you do not have to have a PhD in computer science to succeed. If you can write an email, you have the skill set to use today’s new software applications, create world class websites, and drive traffic to that website.

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