Holiday Destinations – Ankara The Capital of Turkey

The sun shines over the lush green meadows and the golden wheat fields; it becomes so hard to take eyes off this natural beauty. Sometimes it seems that body is floating in the cozy air which refreshes from all over. There is no monotony; every scene keeps on changing itself. Sometimes it shows green, lush fields; sometimes it films the mind with natural scenery; sometimes the fluffy, soft and funny looking rabbits play around; sometimes its white, silky and ember-eyed cat and sometimes it takes back to old culture and history, when the statue of “the dying Gaul” was formed, when The Column of Julianus was erected and when Monumentum Ancyranum was not debris. Of course it is not even a part of the world of Ankara in Turkey.

Ankara was not as important as it is now, yet the cultural and historical richness is evergreen. After Istanbul, the Father of Turks, Kemal Ataturk chose Ankara as capital seeing its embellished fortune. Ankara is so rich to be fortunate, this beautiful city has seen seven ancient civilizations and it got three thousand years of history. It has beauty, it has culture and it has ever wondering history. Ankara is the best place to spend vacations.

Ankara has rich architecture. It has old theatre which was formed in days of Roman Empire. The city is crowned with old castle, monuments and museums. The city used to be the Yös kursu ankara center of tribes so it has tribal history too. Ankara was main trading center in Roman era. The city was invaded many times because of transportation and natural resources. It remained center of many religions, many people were pagans and later many became monotheism followers.

The climatic conditions of Ankara make it more attractive for visitors. It has continental climate hence making it more striking for vacations. People can enjoy the warmth of summers and the snow of winters as well. The city got the green charm; you can always find a lot of trees and plantation everywhere in the city.

Ankara is the best city in world, worth visiting. There are lots of amusement parks, forest farms and zoo. The city got all flavors and it has not forgotten those people who are interested in archeological sites; you can find temples, citadel, ruins, ancient theatre, monuments and museums. The beautiful mosques of Ankara are mind-blowing and mark of architectural perfection.


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