Honor the Streams of Your Soul: Express More of Who You Are in Life and Business

What are the streams of my soul that call out for expression?

How will I share these soul streams with the world?

The best way to build a life and business that you love is to come from a place of purpose and authenticity. The best way to do that is to bring forward those streams of your soul that are most true to who you are and that the world needs more of. So, it’s important to ensure that you are fully honoring the deep streams of your soul that make you who you are and allow you to express your true self in the world.

Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Write down spark words and phrases that represent the streams of your soul on strips of colored paper. Or use colorful markers and add doodles!
  2. Create or choose a container where you can keep these reminders to honor the streams of your soul. I created a special “Seeds of Inspiration” box to hold my reminders of the streams of my soul. I would encourage you to decorate a special box or receptacle. Or you can use a mug or jar.
  3. Once a day, choose one of these reminders ProstaStream from your special container and consider the questions below. Set aside just five minutes a day for this exercise and watch how much more fun you naturally bring into your life and business.
  4. Finally, choose a simple action to take today. Or take 10 and meditate or give thanks for how this stream of your soul is active in your life. Be present to this stream of your soul throughout the day and celebrate who you are!

Is this stream flowing freely in my life and business?

How is it flowing?

How can I follow the flow of this particular

stream of who I am today?

The streams of MY soul are ART, HEALING and FAITH. These are the things that matter most to me and they are pathways to the greater expression of my purpose in the world. What are the streams of YOUR soul? Think about it. What is really important to you? What feeds your spirit and makes you who you are?

If you want to do some exploration around the streams of your soul and express them more fully in your life and business, you may want to consider a Soul Streams Strategy Session and discover your Momentum Action Pathways with a custom M.A.P.

Dawn Richerson, CEO of Creative Revolutions Inc., believes we are all born to be powerful agents of change. Dawn partners with creative, visionary and soul-inspired women to help them create businesses that begin with you the are and to write their extraordinary books. A certified ARTbundance coach, Dawn is the creator of many tools, anchors and systems for life and business.

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