How Do I Market Myself: Google Page Rank – A Thing Of The Past

I was sitting with an individual the other day who is a business owner as well as a pretty informed individual when it came to the Internet. We were talking about a particular website and he asked what the Google Page Rank of it was. I was surprised he asked, I explained that Google does not use Page Rank anymore. He looked google keyword tool api at me even more surprised and said, “what?” I asked my engineer to come in and he confirmed what I had told him. Yes, Google stopped using Page Rank in October of 2009; even Google will tell you this.

Google has explained that they are more concerned with content and they no longer pay attention to the API’s related to Google Page Rank.

So what does this mean?

It simply means that you need to be more concerned with where you pull up on Google in regard to your specific search results, and less with the little red number that use to be at the top left of the page.

How do you show up at the top of the page when your target key words are searched? Google has given many insights to this but will never give the information away. What we do know? You need quality, original content about the specific key words and search terms. You need external link backs from quality sites always avoiding link farms. Last but definitely not least you need high traffic to your site. These three items are not things you can fake; the God of Google is looking the Internet over and looking for these three things.

My recommendation is to spend a little time each week and write a quality blog about you, your products and or services. Push these blogs out to the world and create content Google will identify. Each time it identifies this content it will see a link back to your website as well. Having good quality content found all over the Internet with links back to your site is the best way to increase website traffic.

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