Dreams involving money tell about instant feelings. If money appears in the form of currency notes it refers to instant heart feelings. If money is in the ทำนายฝัน form of coins it refers to real money from waking life. Lesser the value of coins, Greater the money in real world.

Throwing Currency notes:
Throwing away currency notes in all directions says that you have deeper feelings for someone which you cannot hold. Giving lot of money in currency to someone says that you have special affection for that particular person. Feelings for someone special are at stake if lose money in dreams. Carrying lot of foreign currency says that you have deep feelings for someone which are against law. It usually happens when you have deep feelings for opposite sex.

Buying Gold and Diamonds:
Buying gold with money says that you are giving more strength to your instant feelings. These feelings are true and deeper in nature and will remain indefinitely. Buying diamonds with money refers to directing heart and soul towards Highest God.

Burned currency notes:
Money burned in dreams says that a terrible rejection of feelings for some reason. This rejection will take one away from worldly life. Dreams about seeing many people begging money says there are many souls out there who are desperately seeking your love and affection. If you dream eunuch asking money says that a strong negative vibration is pushing into immoral sexual acts.

To dream dead relatives and friends asking money says that you need to do some charity in the name of deceased one. To see yourself gambling with money says that you have entangled yourself in a serious relationship, where you have to face many competitors.

Variations in Global stock Markets:
The variations in the present-day global stock markets do throw open an opportunity to make quick millions. And the winner is that one who capitalizes it first. All the same and however, These are few to be mastered before tapping this new technique. First, The mind and the body must be free of all impurities. One must need a perfect sleep to record a dream. Since indigestion has the ability to disturb sleep, A light diet is suggested to beget an undisturbed dream that does not cut abruptly. Most of us rush immediately into daily chores and routines, Dismissing a significant dream as” Just one of those insignificant one” The ability to remember and recall a dream minutely is a must. And such “chews of the mind” Are eased at sunset time, when the body and the mind are unshackled from the worldly hurries and in all relaxation.


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