Hybrid golf irons will help to improve your overall game by making difficult shots, much easier to make. Their revolutionary design has practically made the need for standard long irons obsolete, and they are becoming increasingly popular steel bite pro among both the pros and weekend golf enthusiasts. These types of irons are perfect for the mid to high handicap player, and can help create a new sense of playing confidence while on the course.

The main problem with standard irons, like 3 and 4 irons, is they are very difficult to hit for the novice golfer. This is because they have very thin blades, small cub heads and not much mass behind them. The combination of these characteristics result in a club that has a very small sweet spot, and lacks a considerable amount of control. Hybrid irons overcome this by adding extra mass and weight behind the club head, which is also much larger than a standard iron. This extra mass allows for the center of gravity to be much lower on a hybrid which has several benefits for golfers.

The main advantage is that the sweet spot of the club head is drastically increased. The sweet spot on a club face is the area that you want to hit to get maximum distance with the ball, and if you do not hit this spot, it can result in mis-strikes and poor shots. This lowered center of gravity also makes it much easier to launch the ball at a high trajectory, something that most golfers have a difficult time with when using a standard long iron. This high trajectory also allows the ball to bite onto the fairway or green when it lands adding an additional amount of control to your shots.

The shafts on hybrid irons are usually made of graphite which allows for a greater amount of flex over standard stainless steel shafts. Since graphite is much lighter than steel, it allows for the club head of hybrid irons to be heavier.The graphite shafts are also shorter which provide an increased feeling of control when in a golfer’s hands. Hybrid irons on average will provide an additional 10-15 yards of distance compared to a similar sized long iron. A great feature of the hybrid iron is that you do not need to change your swing, or playing style to get all of the benefits from these clubs.


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