Is It Safe to Buy Condoms Online?

Here’s a quick reference guide for you to consider when shopping from condoms online.

1. Is it a legit business? Does the website have a Business Name e.g. Biz Name LLC.?
2. Do they offer free shipping?
3. Does the package come discreetly?
4. Can you buy through Paypal? (makes sure you can dispute a problem)

These 4 things will almost always keep your “money safe.” After that its really just about whether or not the price is right, and they do a good job on the first order. You may even want to consider buying condoms from a company that is obviously legit… but also appears to be a little smaller next to competition.

Now, I know your probably thinking… The little guy? but if you give me a second I will explain. In a market like condoms, in order to compete with these larger companies, the little guy usually has to provide either: faster shipping, lower prices, better deals, and an all around higher quality service in order to ensure that they KEEP the customers they do get! Are you starting to understand? You can get really great deals on condoms by getting them online, instead of in the store.

In the same sense you can get a great deal on condoms online, but if you really know where to look you going to be shocked at the types of deals companies are offering just to get you in there door and say, “Hey, I’ll do a good job for you!”

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