Need For Speed: The Run Review!

Brace yourself for the next generation of video games, the next edition of the wildly popular Need For Speed series, entitled The Run. Running is exactly what you’ll be doing too, across the country from San Francisco all the way to New York. There’s plenty earn to die of good reasons why this is one of the most popular video games ever created. This is one of the few venues where you can drive recklessly without killing someone, or yourself. Still, its realistic enough to make you look behind you to check for the police and other guys who want you dead.

Need For Speed: The Run- Gameplay!

EA hasn’t held back with intense graphics in Need For Speed: The Run, and like its predecessor Hot Pursuit, there’s plenty of gameplay. Maybe because they’ve made the graphics so intense, you’ll also notice occasional flaking out of the game, especially if you go out of boundaries or during cut scenes. Handling your vehicle also can be troublesome, and a sleek vehicle can feel more like a tractor trailer in handling on some of the open road.

Some of the buzz surrounding Need For Speed: The Run is that the game is relatively limited in achievement milestones and can be accomplished in a short period of time by ardent gamers. While this may be the case for some, like other video games, NFS: TR isn’t necessarily made for finishing, but instead, for driving. Like the previous versions of Need For Speed, The Run offers you a wide selection of hot cars to choose from. Some of these machines handle true-to-life and others, well, handle more like a grocery store shopping cart.

The course is perhaps the biggest selling point for Need For Speed: The Run and takes you accurately from the West Coast all the way to the Big Apple. The course is divided into ten different sections, each with different events for earning trophies and moving to the next level. Many of the events are simply a race between your car and other drivers, which is really what racing is all about, right? To add some fun at the beginning and the end of this game, EA adds mobsters following you in hot pursuit in cars and helicopters. If this doesn’t get your adrenaline running, don’t know what will.

Need For Speed: The Run-Our Opinion Of The Game!

Need For Speed: The Run affords you with several opportunities for hitting a “reset” button. This means if you crash, fall off a cliff, or die in any way, you can “reset” yourself to a certain point. Hitting a reset does cause the game to lag for about 15 seconds but it also gives you another chance to score big. If you’d rather trudge on through, you can also choose to restart the entire event and save reset points for experience at the end.

The bottom line on Need For Speed: The Run is that it’s loud, fast and a blast to play. If you’re into pure racing without fluffy tangent games, this is perfect for you. If you’re looking for a game that is pure entertainment, The Run won’t disappoint.

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