Pastry Display Cases Add to a Bakery’s Bottom Line

The competition for customers in the the bakery business is unprecedented with the addition of national players like Panera and Atlanta Bread Company. Additionally many other large companies like Starbucks, as well as large grocery chains are offering bakery selections.

Then what is the use of trying to compete in such a crowded field. The reason is that fresh baked goods are in demand, are great contributors to a businesses bottom line, and are a great way to establish customer loyalty.

A pastry display cases can provide additional sales as a point of purchase display. Items such as coffees, wine, cheese and other products can be added to provider additional sales and provide character to your establishment. The display of fresh baked goods is adds to the bottom line not only in the spontaneous purchases, but also in the ambiance that it adds to your business bakery equipment.

Commercial bakery equipment is expensive, but a quality display case is not a cost, it is an investment. The sales that it creates along with its ability to help brand your business should more than outweigh its cost in the long run. Whether you own a small cafe, a large commercial restaurant or a full blown bakery business, the value that well crafted pastry displays can add to your business, goes beyond just the pastry sales themselves, the value is also in the effect it creates in the mind of the customer. Fresh food on display. Nothing can bring customers back like the memory of fresh appetizing food for all to see.

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