Many people across the US enjoy recreational activities involving guns, such as hunting or target practice. Many Americans are also interested in keeping a gun in their home Buy Guns in Australia for the purposes of self defense. There are many things a responsible gun owner should know, such as proper use of their gun, safety precautions and any legal regulations of firearms that their state may have. To help people learn this important information, this article will describe gun regulations in the state of Rhode Island.

Who can purchase a gun?

In the interest of protecting its citizens, the government of Rhode Island does not allow certain people who may be dangerous or difficult to keep track of to purchase any kind of firearm. In this state, people who have been legally declared mentally incompetent due to a mental or emotional disorder are not allowed to own firearms. Similarly, people who have been legally determined to be drug addicts or alcoholics, or anyone currently in treatment for one of these problems, is prohibited from buying a gun. People with a prior conviction of a violent crime, fugitives from justice and illegal immigrants are also legally banned from buying or using firearms.

People under the age of eighteen can only purchase guns with the consent of a parent or legal guardian, and can only use their guns while under close supervision. You must be 21 or older to purchase a handgun, regardless of parental consent.

For people qualified to purchase firearms, there is a seven day waiting period.

How can I use my gun?

In Rhode Island, you must apply for a permit from the government before you can go hunting. Some animals, such as deer, can only be hunted in certain seasons. People who are barred from owning guns for the reasons listed above are also barred from obtaining hunting licenses.

People living in this state have a legal right to protect themselves against attackers or trespassers on their property. In the event of a burglary, this state does not have a “duty to retreat” law. This means that if someone invades your property, and you have reason to believe that you are in immediate danger of bodily harm, you can use whatever force is necessary to protect yourself. This includes the use of firearms in self-defense.

How should I store my gun?

In this state, gun owners are legally required to keep guns stored safely away from children, defined as anyone under 16. If a child obtains a gun and injures their self or another person, the owner of that gun is legally responsible.

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