Understanding your character’s PvP strengths and weaknesses is the most fundamental secret to success in player versus player combat. Choosing the right gear, and knowing specific tactics to use against other classes are also vital, but if you don’t understand the fundamentals, you’ll never be able to rise to the top levels of PvP domination. So let’s talk about your Hunter’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to PvP.

Hunter PvP Strengths

Your Hunter’s greatest strength in PvP is the ability to deliver massive damage at the greatest range of any class. With the right talents, you can hit from 41 yards away, leaving any other class unable to retaliate until they can get closer. This is a huge advantage you토토사이트 must exploit to the fullest.

Going hand in hand with your ability to attack from a distance is the variety of ranged attacks your Hunter can deploy. You can hit opponents with shots that cause damage over time, drain their mana, slow their movements, and disrupt their attacks on you. When fighting at a distance, a smart Hunter is very hard to beat.

Hunter PvP Weaknesses

Your Hunter’s biggest weakness is close-in combat. If an enemy closes to melee range, you’re in a lot of trouble. Even with your pet to help, and the best armor and melee weapons you can wear, a Warrior or Death Knight, or any other melee fighter will slaughter you if they get close to you. Your best bet for survival in melee is to Disengage and run away until you’ve reestablished a good distance between you and your foe.

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