Old age is never easy, and having to move away from their own home into a residential care home due to health co living for couples problems or other reasons is a reality that comes as a shock for most senior couples. But if one were to plan ahead and think positively, living in residential care homes could turn out to be a pretty positive decision.

Senior living options for independent couples

Just because you are old does not have to mean that you lack the zest for life. There are many senior couples who are active even in their prime, and they can live a hassle free life in such residential homes that offer independent living facilities for their residents. These facilities have such amenities and hospitality services like transportation, housekeeping, and laundry services.

Along with their own living space, residents also have the opportunity to mingle and socialise with like minded couples of their own age. Many residential care homes organise social activities like volunteering services, weekend trips, and fitness programs for their residents for a small fee, and this is indeed a good opportunity to make new friends and broaden your social circle.

Senior living options for couples who need assistance

For senior couples who need assistance with daily activities, residential care homes which offer assisted living facilities are a good option. These homes have all the necessary facilities – medical and otherwise, and couples would be able to enjoy a maintenance free lifestyle without feeling as if they are burdening family or friends. Residents who suffer from debilitating diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia can avail the ‘special care’ facility available at these homes.

Another favourable aspect of these homes is that the facility is open to even those couples where one spouse is a patient and requires help, while the other is perfectly healthy. Consequently there is no need for you to separate yourself from your beloved, since now both of you can stay together under one roof; cared for and looked after by dedicated individuals.

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