SEO and What We Can Learn From Network Marketing

Legitimate network marketing companies have strategies that allow them to maintain their running even though the industry is not in good shape. NuSkin, Amway, Avon, Mary Kay, and Mia Belle Candles definitely have something in common- they’ve all managed to grow even seo white label software more over the last decade. On the contrary, many SEO companies are experiencing major downfalls despite the excellent state of the Internet Marketing industry.

Network Marketing is a fair market

MLM is a business specifically designed to answer the growing capitalist problems during the early 60’s, with a goal to deliver fair entrepreneurial rights among its members or business partners. Through MLM marketing, business opportunity is distributed fairly by omitting hierarchy and substituting it with mentorships programs.

Our main goal as SEO vendors is to provide fair business opportunities to our community.

Network marketing companies spend on services and products, not on ads

According to recent surveys, network marketing products and services are way more expensive than any existing commercial products on the market; they are 150-200% more costly than regular products in grocery stores and supermarkets. However, many Americans say the NM products are far better than commercially available products in terms of quality and efficiency.

The reason behind this is that MLM companies spend more on their services and products instead of putting it to costly advertising fees. They allocate money for creditable research to come up with efficient and quality products yet to be available in the market. For them, MLM marketing is a perfect advertising method in itself, and allocating money for expensive TV and Radio airtimes, newspaper ad placements, and production and endorser’s fees are all unnecessary in getting the public’s attention.

In SEO, spending more time and money on optimization than on useless programs and incompetent resellers can give us better ROI in the future. Although some free software and SEO tools are good, looking for current and advanced optimization tools and using them over cheap and free tools on the Web can boost our services’ quality.

Network Marketers understand the process of network growth; they respect the process of mentorship and learning

Every network marketer clearly understands the meaning of network growth. They know that becoming a successful business owner does not happen overnight; they know that real success requires hard work and patience.

In a regular MLM company, Upper lines, or Upper-level business partners do not require lower-level partners and new members to allot a given time to the business. New NM recruits are free to arrange their schedule or decide when to give time for the business. Yet despite this freedom, successful network marketers spend a significant amount of time on telephone and product presentations just to gain a downline and business partners.

In the SEO business, handling SEO Resellers requires serious mentoring. We should orient them on our own network system and on our goals. They should understand the rudiments and depths of SEO agreements like White Hat and Private Label SEO.

Network marketers know the real meaning of rejection

Successful MLM marketers often cite ‘rejection’ as an integral part of their achievement. They consider it as a ‘need’, a sharpening tool, to achieve success. These successful marketers know how it feels to be rejected by friends and relatives; they know the feeling of being alone and despised by people.

SEO vendors like us should do the same thing as well. We should treat rejection as an inevitable wall that will ultimately drive us to succeed and as a stepping-stone to financial freedom.

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