The question, “What new year’s gift did ancient Persians give?” is answered with great fun by Telenor Answers. This is one of those rare cases when the answer to a hard question can also be a jocular observation. The site is a clear, easy to understand explanation of a traditional Persian custom.


Each question on the telenor answers daily list is accompanied by a brief description and some advice about answering the question. It looks as if the developers spent some time studying the culture of Persia, which must have been an enlightening experience. The explanations are practical and enlightening. I am certain that once you download the app you will be able to get free mbs then you will be able to get more telecom answers.


What is in store for us in the future? Well, I can almost guess telenor answers. The developers are planning a lot of exciting features. Probably, some more FAQs and maybe a few more quizzes too. There was an article in the Financial Times just a few days ago about how customers are demanding more personalised services, so it should not be surprising if the telenor answers daily quiz will soon have more personalised aspects.


Personally, I am quite sure that the real purpose of telenor answers is not to sell so, keep visiting to get the free my. I am rather doubtful though about the value of the application to actually get more useful knowledge. If you think about it, you probably already have useful knowledge on your hands. For example, you might have a pretty good idea about how to prepare for a job interview. You might even know about the different kinds of clothes that would make you look good for any occasion. All this knowledge is stored in your head, and so you don’t need the telenor answers website on the internet to remind you what to do.


The purpose of this app is, of course, to sell you the product, so it does offer some information. In order to gain access to its contents, you will probably need to pay a fee of some kind. The fee varies between the different versions of the app, but in general it is very minimal. Even if you choose the cheapest version of the app, you will still be able to get more than you paid for it. The free version gives you only limited features. So, if you really want to get value for money from the app then you would be better off spending a bit more on the more expensive paid app.


One feature of the free telecom answers today mentioned is the answer box. This allows you to browse through the list of most recent articles. This is a very useful feature because you can save time by using these articles rather than searching for the answer yourself. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to find the right sentence in a large article, but with this handy feature you should be able to filter your search quite easily.


Another good thing about this app is the quizzes. They are very easy to answer and they give you valuable information. If you do not have any interest in reading articles but you do have an interest in knowing more about certain technologies, you will enjoy answering the quizzes that cover these topics. For example, one of the quizzes asks you to find out more about the world’s largest igloo. As you probably know, the world’s largest igloo is located in the Netherlands. If you have no idea what this giant is, you will definitely find this quiz interesting.


The only thing this app cannot do for you is tell you exactly when the next IT Conference is going to be held. It does, however, help you to plan your activities accordingly. To take part in the telecom Answers app quiz, simply log on to the website and answer the questions when they appear. This is just one of the many features this app has to offer. Check it out today.

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