What Golf Gifts For Dad Could I Buy This Christmas?

Golf gifts for Dad are normally difficult to find, considering that you may not be a golf person yourself. Sports equipment is a tricky gift choice. What may be deemed a great buy with flashy advertising may actually be trashed for the end user and you don’t want to end up finding out next summer that your gift is gathering dust in a corner of his bedroom. But fear not. You don’t have to be competing in tournaments to know what works and what doesn’t. With a little research and good advice from knowledgeable sales clerks, you can find that perfect gift for Dad. You might even want to have a few swings yourself at the local driving range.

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The wonderful thing about sports is that there are numerous forums or clubs out there happily encouraging new initiates. You can surf online to learn about any sport and their related equipment. From there it would be a good idea to ask around about what the players use, favored brands and what is generally shunned. A good place to start is footwear. If Dad hits the courses every Sunday without a hitch, there’s a good chance those favorite pair of golf shoes are nearing their expiration date and a spanking new pair would be good golf gifts for Dad. Don’t worry if his pair is still in excellent shape. Nobody minds a new pair of new shoes and a new set for one’s favorite hobby is always a welcome addition to any man’s closet Funny Anime T-Shirt.

How do you begin looking for your golf gifts for Dad, that new pair you’ve decided to get? For starters, golf shoes are not a requirement in most golf courses, but the more dedicated practitioners of the sport prefer to use them. If you really don’t want any mistake with fitting, it would be a safe idea to bring Dad along to try on the pairs in the sports shops although the gift is no longer a surprise. Still, this way you will not have to guess his size, and as even if you are able to guess his size you will still not be able to tell how the shoe will feel. A golfer will more or less be walking around for four hours during a session and you do not want those shoes to be ill fitting. Also, a golfer’s feet swivel around during swings and an ill-fitting shoe will cause instability.
The fit has to be firm without constricting movement, like most athletic shoes!

Since you’ve decided to get shoes as your golf gifts for Dad, you might as well learn a little bit about the specifics of golf footwear. You might be curious about those spikes on the sole of Dad’s pair. They are there to aid in traction and to help plant a golfer rigidly in place during the violent motion of a powerful swing. This is also why dedicated golf shoes won’t make good walking shoes and why a normal sneaker is actually sub-par for use in a slightly most golf course. Try to find a pair with replaceable spikes, usually made of plastic. Metal spikes are a not a good choice because they damage the expensively maintained greens in golf courses and thus are discouraged if not prohibited.

Golf gifts for Dad may come in other forms, of course. If you are not comfortable looking for golf shoes and the task seems too daunting, there are numerous other choices out there. You might want to get some new sets of golf apparel such as shirts or pants. Headgear to shield the player during sunny days is also a good idea, so is eye wear or other peripheral equipment. Getting golf clubs or even a complete set isn’t a very good idea as these things could be quite expensive, not to mention a player is very picky when it comes to his actual game equipment. You may want to try getting golf-related items such as pens or coffee mugs. Bags for storing his golf gear would also be a safe choice. Choosing the right gift will require some imagination and perhaps a few trips to the local sports shops, but the smile on your Dad’s face when he opens his gift will surely make up for your troubles. And yes, be prepared if he asks you to join him for a game or two.

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