The Institute of Acoustics (IoA), established in 1974, is the UK’s leading professional body for people working in the fields of noise, vibration and acoustics. A one stop source of information, training, career advice, professional registration, specialist suppliers and recruitment opportunities, the IoA provides services and information across the entire acoustics industry from electro acoustics to building acoustics and environmental noise to communication sciences.

IoA services

The IoA lists information on seminars and tutorials in the acoustics sciences, which are available to non members as well as members of the Institute. They also sell publications and resources for practitioners in the acoustics fields enabling service providers to stay informed and up to date with the latest research and practice. This includes the bi-monthly Acoustics Bulletin and access to the European applied acoustics journal Acoustics in Practice as well as a specialised library based in St stellenangebote.

The IoA has more than 3,000 members from across the diverse applied acoustics spectrum, including those from law, environmental health, engineering, medicine, education and scientific research, and as a professional body it offers registration for Chartered and Incorporated Engineers. The IoA also provides training and qualifications including its Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control and a number of Certificate of Competence courses in relevant areas across the UK.


Careers in acoustics are varied and wide ranging and the IoA offers advice about seeking qualifications as well as hosting a jobs board advertising numerous vacancies in relevant areas. Relevant degree courses include maths and engineering and the IoA accredits acoustics specific degrees at two universities in the UK: Salford and Southampton. MSc and Diploma courses are also available for those with degrees that are not specifically geared towards applied acoustics.

Relevant job vacancies are posted on the IoA jobs board for posts available across the UK and worldwide in a range of acoustics related fields including engineering, audio and acoustic sales, with a number of these vacancies including opportunities for management promotion and graduate training. The IoA enables job hunters to make contacts within the industry in order to progress their careers and in this way is valued by recruiters and applicants alike.

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