Why a Proxy Service is an Essential Affiliate Marketing Tool

As an intermediate or advanced affiliate marketer it is essential that you use a private proxy service as your privacy partner to hide your computer IP address rotating proxies and allow anonymous surfing. This is especially true if you are researching sites or creating many social media property accounts in your Internet Marketing promotion efforts.

So exactly what is a private proxy service and why should you use one?

When your computer connects to the Internet it queries different servers and passes on requests for information or resources. When you enter a website; the website server identifies your computer IP address and passes this data and more. Many E-commerce sites will log your IP address and use it to identify browsing patterns for marketing purposes.

In order to retain your personal privacy and computer security there are services and applications that can keep your computer information hidden and allow you to surf the Web anonymously, in other words hide your IP.

A proxy server is an application or computer system that serves as a buffer between your computer and the website you are on. Your computer (nicknamed client) would connect to a proxy server. The proxy server would then connect you to your destination or resource while passing your information through a filter. For example, a proxy service may filter traffic by IP address or protocol. Some proxy servers will process your computer request in real time and some rely on cashed memory in order to be more resourceful and increase performance speed.

As you may have guessed there are many types of proxy services and types. As an average user you do not need to go overboard and many basic services will do the job.

Although there are free methods to scrape proxy IP addresses that can work, paid services are easier to use and provide an automatic user interface (plug and play).

Some experienced users utilize paid services that offer a combination of automatic proxies and user configuration that give you more control and the option of manually enter IPs or IP switching intervals.


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