Why Is Recycling In London So Important?

The biggest city produces the biggest pile of garbage.

London is one of the great cities of the world and the largest in Europe. From Westminster to West Ham and from Covent Garden to the Lambeth Walk, there is a ridiculous Waste Collection London amount of points of interest in the Big Smoke. With roughly 7.5 million people living there, such a large number of people living in one place you can imagine, produces a gargantuan amount of rubbish.

The waste management infrastructure of bin lorries, litter pickers, landfill sites and bin men that tend to the city’s waste have a tough job and it is only going to get tougher as the population rises.

Recycling Avoids Landfills

There is a great trend building in the city’s waste management offices and in the homes of many citizens which has seen recycling become more and more popular. This is lucky as without recycling the amount of waste dumped into landfill sites would have been all the closer to burying us all in our own filth. Landfills are the last place you want your rubbish to end up as it just sits underground for years and years, mostly not degrading and laying some squishy foundations for our children’s children’s children.

Recycling has Become a Status Symbol

You might be surprised to hear that recycling has to a certain degree become a measure of social status: being able to say that you recycle 90% of your home waste, use a chemical toilet and only use electricity when its sunny enough to use solar power is a way for some people to brag about their achievements. This level of home modification is out of reach for many people but it does not stop recycling being a sign of social status and extremely important to some people. Being able to afford to pay for an office clearance or a professional rubbish removal service is that factor that will make some people use it as a way of showing their social status. While people with lower incomes are less likely to consider it as an option, and are less likely to consider it to be a sign of social status. Especially when they can just put their rubbish in the bin for free.

People Feel Recycling is their Social Duty

Maybe it is just the fact that people have had it drilled into them that: our environment is being destroyed, recycling is a good thing to do and the oil will eventually run out, that has made the people of London more actively recycle. There is a sense of social duty that your city will suffer if you don’t recycle and the world as a whole too. Recycling in London is important because the city is so big and widely known that if its councils and citizens take the charge and recycle, they will be able to make a big dent in the amount of trash sent to landfills each year. It is important that this belief if maintained for sake of London and its future inhabitants.

So why is recycling so important in London? Basically, because if it wasn’t, London would drown in rubbish or be surrounded by landfills, and they would all feel very guilty about it.

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